How To Plan Your Engagement Session

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OKAY OKAY!! You are engaged and now it is time to plan for your engagement photos! YAY!! One questions I always get is, “When should we schedule our engagement session?” Well, let’s talk about that. There are many different answers to this question. So, I will break it down for you and help ya out! Here are my tips on how to plan your engagement session!

When to Book

If you are wanting to send out save the dates, here is my rule of thumb. Save the dates should be send out 5-8 months PRIOR to your wedding date. No, this does not mean schedule your session 5-8 months prior to your date. It means schedule your session 6-9 months prior to your date. Talk to your photographer and see what their turn around time is for engagement photos! If you are getting married soon and have not scheduled them yet, but want the photos for save the dates or your day, see if your photographer offers a rush delivery! For reference, my turn around time for gallery delivery is 4-6 weeks! I also do offer a rush delivery for galleries and the price all depends on how rushed my couples need!

What Season

I know there are not a lot of people who want to brave the cold and do pictures in the snowy winter. HOWEVER, sometimes it might just work out that it is the only time that works before your day! Here is an idea for you! Talk with your photographer and see if you can have an engagement session in the winter and then later in the year if you want more! I get it, it might add more to your package. But, this way, you can send out your save the dates with the winter session and then have the other session for decor at your wedding, your invitations, or just to have at home! PRO TIP for your winter engagement session: bring hand warmers, wear layers (stocking hats and mittens welcome), and even bring warm drinks! Coffee, hot chocolate, some peppermint schnapps! 😉

Pick a season that really resonates with you! If you love the fall colors, October is probably the best time for your session! Do you want a gorgeous summer evening? June through September is going to be the best time! If you want spring colors, May through June is calling your name. Ready to have a snowball fight together during the winter? January through early March is the best time for winter photos!

Whatever season you pick, make sure it is the one YOU want. At the end of the day, these are YOUR photos that you will cherish and love.

Choosing a Time of Day and Location

Anywhere on planet Earth is an option for the location of your engagement photos. No, seriously. I will meet you (or you can meet me) anywhere your heart desires! Whether that is close to home, a state away, across the country, or over the ocean, I am always game to shoot where YOU want! I have many different location ideas for you! Just reach out and we can chat about what you are envisioning. If you are not a couple of mine (or you are), but want a couple ideas, here are a few of my favorites (around home and away). Arrowhead Park in Sioux Falls, SD, Touch the Sky Prairie in Luverne, MN, Badlands National Park in South Dakota, Yosemite National Park in California, Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, and Sedona, AZ. Anywhere you choose will be the PERFECT location for YOU! Choose a place that YOU love! And I will be there!

The time of day is extremely important when doing your session. There are two times in a day that are most ideal; sunrise and sunset. Why? Simply because of the sun. The lighting at these times is best! You get a little bit of that golden hour, warmth, and creamy skin tones that you see all over my feed on Instagram and the photos on my website. Bonus: the sun is not blaring in your eyes!

How To Plan Your Engagement Session

Plan your engagement session when it is right for you. Plan it in YOUR favorite season at YOUR favorite time, along with your photographer’s input! 😉 Pick a location that suits you both. Somewhere that really resonates with you and your relationship. Once you have decided on a location, season, and time, reach out to your photographer! See what they have open during the season you picked, at the time you want, and the location you prefer! Once you have that all booked and ready to go, it is time to work on outfits! Check out my blog, “Outfit Ideas For A Couple’s Session” for some ideas!

Hope these tips on How To Plan Your Engagement Session helped you out!




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