Outfit Ideas For A Couple’s Session

outfit ideas for a couple's session

Trying to find the right colors, the right fits, and making your outfits match can be so hard! So, let me help you out! Let’s talk all about colors, styles, patterns, fits, shoes, accessories and more! There is so much to know and possibly learn, so, buckle up! Here are some outfit ideas for a couple’s session.


Spring and summer outfits can definitely be a challenge. You may want a pop of color to being out those spring and summer colors, so let’s do that! Some of my favorite spring and summer colors are those earthy but fun colors! Dull pinks, dull greens, blue jeans, dull yellows, dull oranges, and of course, neutrals. Pair the pop of color with a plain or neutral! For example, if you want to wear a color, have your fiancé wear a neutral to tone that color down and to match well! If you want to wear a fun patterned dress or skirt, again, pair it with a plain solid color! Wearing a patterned dress? Have your fiancé wear a solid shirt and pants. Want to wear a patterned skirt? Wear a solid neutral top and have your fiancé be in a solid neutral outfit as well! Pro-tip: bring something to drink (lots of water and an alcoholic beverage if desired), a blanket to sit on, and snacks to munch on! Also, if you are a girl, bring your makeup to touch up incase you sweat!

If you are uncomfortable with parts of your body, which you shouldn’t be, but we are all human. There are things we don’t like about ourselves. If you are not too fond of your arms, wear a sleeved shirt. If you are not too fond on your legs, wear jeans that flatter you! Sometimes black looks best! Wear things that you are COMFORTABLE in! Try your outfits on and make sure if fits correctly. Not too baggy, not too tight. Also, don’t forget the accessories like hats! 🙂


Fall outfits are my absolute FAV! Sweaters, jackets, you name it. HECK YES. Fall is when those earthy tones REALLY come out! The burnt oranges, the mustards, deep greens, maroons, and obviously, neutrals! Bring out the layers and have fun with them! Plaids? Jackets? Open them up and pair it with a solid neutral underneath! Like I said before, pair patterns with solids and colors with neutrals! As always, bring those hats! Pro-tip: bring something to drink (lots of water and an alcoholic beverage if desired), a blanket to sit on, and snacks to munch on!


Helllooooo winter wonderland! Trust me, I know it can be cold, but wow! There is something about that snowy, cooler vibes! Bring out the jackets, bring out the winter coats, and let’s do it! Kick on the boots, jump into those jeans! Again, wear those neutral and earthy tones! Don’t forget the hats and beanies! Pro-tip for winter: Bring hand/feet warmers, something warm to drink, and a blanket to cuddle up in!

Outfit Ideas For A Couple’s Session

Somethings to remember for your couple’s session outfits:

  1. Pick a location and then pick your outfits. Do not try to match your outfits to your location, accentuate them to your location. So, if you location has a touch of color here and there, accentuate those colors with a color in your outfit.
  2. Bring more options than you will wear! Let you and your photographer decide together! If I am your photographer, feel free to text me your ideas!! 🙂 Once you do, we cant decide together!
  3. Try on your outfits together before you come! Make sure you like them all and feel comfortable in them all! That means, you can move around, sit, and nothing is scratchy or laying funny. After you do, hang them up and keep them hung up!
  4. Remember, less is more. Do not stress on over the top outfits! The more natural, the better! Wear outfits that look like you!
  5. LOGOS. No, No. Try to stay away from the large logos! Nike, Under Armour, North Face, etc. These dress the outfits down! And that is totally fine if that is the look you are wanting! But, just remember, it is also a focal point of your photos!

Hope these tips and ideas helped! Leave a comment if there is anything else you would like to know about outfits for a couple’s session!


Sydney Leigh

Places to Shop For Outfits

For Her:


Mint + Basil

Alter Ego


Love Olive

Laurie Belle’s


Hers and Mine

Willow Creek


For Him:



American Eagle



Old Navy




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