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You could say photography kind of fell into my lap while I was in college, when I bought my first camera for my summer trips. I had zero experience and some days didn’t always feel like I knew what I was doing, but there was something that fascinated me about documenting the connection between people. I’m deeply moved by timeless moments that also have a hint of trend. My highest priority as your photographer is making sure I know all the details, big and small because they all play an important part of telling your story.

I have a love for the filmy authentic moments, minimalism with a touch of class. I believe my images will tell a story you could never quite put into words.

The visionary behind the lens

My heart My soul

I’m your typical enneagram type 3, over achiever and you could pretty much call me a professional at reading people. I’m currently based out of Minnesota, but I have a passion for traveling - I haven’t seen a national park I didn’t love. When I’m not documenting your story, editing, or traveling you can find me at home in oversized clothes drinking iced coffee- the sweeter the better, and probably re-watching the One Tree Hill series.

My own little family is what inspires me more than anything and I owe everything I have to Jesus. My husband and I had our first baby boy, Breckan - he’s shown me a love I didn’t even know was possible. The moments I want captured for my own family is what also makes me passionate about being able to capture that for others. When you hire me, trust me when I say you’ll be meeting your biggest fan.

1950’s old film photos

Blue hour in the summertime

The smell of fresh cut lilacs

Snow on Christmas morning

Capri’s coastline anytime of year

Handwritten love letters


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