Noah + Hope – Badlands Engagement Session

The Badlands in South Dakota is a definite YES for your engagement session location. The colors, the landscapes, and the uniqueness make for some bomb engagement photos. And that is exactly what Hope and Noah’s session is. Plus, they brought their adorable dog, Kru. I mean, DOES IT GET ANY BETTER?!


The Badlands has so many cool locations. From the typical views, to colorful hills, to grassy fields. You really cannot go wrong. Also, I love that it is still diverse and offers different landscapes. This definitely makes your pictures not all look the same, but still look amazing together. Just check out some of these gorgeous views Hope and Noah got!

Season and Time

Hope and Noah decided to do their engagement session during the “dead season” of early spring. It was the perfect day. The sky was cloudy which made is super easy to take photos wherever I wanted since the sun was not harsh or shining oddly. We did this session mid-morning, so the sun, had it been out, would have been in their faces! If it was not cloudy, I would have picked sunset for a time.

Outfits and Length

Hope and Noah chose to do three outfits during their session. Two casual, one a little more dressy. This is what I recommend. Wear one or two outfits that you would normally wear out with friends and then one a little more dressy. They stuck with the neutral/earthy tones, which I love. Especially with the Badlands as their location! Their full session, plus driving through the park, took a total of an hour and a half. It was the perfect length for what they were wanting!

Tips and Tricks of the Badlands

Typically, I will enter the park through the entrance closest to Wall, SD. There are SO many good pull off spots literally right off the main road. All of these photos were taken at pull offs. I recommend scouting the location before going and finding all the spots you want to shoot at and pin them to your phone. As a photographer, I always have my clients meet me at a gas station in Wall and follow me in. There is very limited reception there so it is hard to communicate and find each other once in the park.

I am so ready to head back to the Badlands. So, if you are wanting your session there, I am so in!

See their full gallery here : Noah + Hope


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