What Is A Bridal Session?

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Sometimes on wedding days, couples experience weather that is not so ideal. Whether that be rain, windstorms, tornados, ice storms, blizzards, etc. Sometimes timelines get messed up and photos get cut short. And, worst case, the couple is not in love with their photos. That is where bridal sessions come in. So, what is a bridal session?

What is a Bridal Session?

A bridal session is photos of you and your husband/wife in your wedding attire, before or after your wedding day. Typically bridal sessions can be anywhere from 1/2 hour to 3 hours long. They consist of photos of you two together and separate. A Bridal Session is typically a little more artsy and fun (not just the typical wedding day poses). These sessions also can be anywhere, and anytime you’d like.

When + Where

The hardest part is deciding when and where. Some couples decide to do their bridals before their wedding for a few reasons. First off, they want their first look to have no pressure and solely be just between them two, not rushed. They want to have time to really soak in the first look. Some couples really wanted to elope, but ended up not. So, they decide to take bridals somewhere where they would have eloped. Other couples want special pictures on their honeymoon, so they pack their wedding attire along. Don’t worry, if your attire is dirty at the bottoms or little spots on it, those will edit out. If you want, you can always dry clean it before, but it might just get dirty right again with the location you’re going to!

There are many different locations you can take these photos. Like I said before, some couples do them on their honeymoon and some do before their wedding. They can be done around your hometown where you wouldn’t have gone for your wedding photos, your favorite place to go together, your honeymoon location, somewhere you would have eloped or somewhere new you want to explore and make memories together.

Here are some ideas: Salt Flats in Utah, Beaches and Mountains of Hawaii, Yosemite National Park in California, Sedona in Arizona, the Black Hills in South Dakota, the North Shore in Minnesota, Glacier National Park in Montana, North Cascades in Washington, or the Beaches in Florida.

Hair, Makeup, and Florals

If you are doing your bridals before your wedding day, use your trial hair and makeup for your session! This way you can see if you like your hair and makeup for your day. If you are traveling somewhere you can either: research vendors wherever you are going or do your own hair and make up. Trust me, it does not have to be very fancy! Your natural makeup and curly or straight hair will be gorgeous!

For florals, you could reach out to your florist to see if they could make your bouquet for you session (similar or totally different, up to you!) If you are getting a mostly dried bouquet, GREAT! Just take that along!! Some couple reach out to local florists if they are traveling as well! If you want, I can definitely help you contact some amazing vendors, wherever you decide to go!

How to Use These Photos

Are you starting to think this might be for you but aren’t quite sure yet? Well, let’s just talk about how you can use these photos. First off, if you do these photos before your day, here is how you can incorporate them: photos all set up at your venue, guest book, wedding slideshow, have your thank you’s ready to go, and even post photos to social media right away on your day (or your parents/grandparents since we all know they are all about those facebook posts)!! Not only can you use them for your day, you will be able to have more options to hang throughout your house, to put in your album and to simply cherish.

Why Have a Bridal Session?

Okay, so now let’s talk about why to have a bridal session. I know you are asking, “Yeah, Sydney, this sounds great, but how would it benefit us?” Well, the additional photos and all the ways you could incorporate them into your day and home. That is obviously a major bonus.

Timing is Everything

Another added bonus is if you were to do them before or after your day, it saves time, takes the pressure off of you two, and gives you two more free time to enjoy your day. So, if you are having a full on traditional wedding day with family, wedding party, friends, ceremony, reception, etc., then pay attention. You have SO much going on on your day. You start by getting ready fairly early, then straight into first look with couple portraits, followed by wedding party and family photos, then ceremony, then reception. Honestly, it does go by that fast, trust me. You hardly have time to spend talking with your bridal party and family, check out your decor, or simply take it easy on your day. You as a couple are pulled from one activity to the next. Cut back on sometime of couple photos and save them for a bridal session.

New Locations + Being Together

Lastly, you get different photos in a different location. As a couple, you two can go somewhere together and get even more photos in a completely different location that you might even love more than your actual day! You have more time to get photos that may be more you, more romantic, more fun, or just more casual. This is such an exciting thing for me to think about. Coming from a bride who has gone through her whole wedding day, I wanted everything to be prefect, including my photos. I wanted everyone to look perfect, so in some, you can tell I was trying “too hard”. I didn’t feel or look natural in some of them. Which is the perfect reason why I should have done one, but didn’t even know I could!

I hope this helped you learn what a Bridal Session is and if it is for you or not!



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