Colorado Adventure Session

Colorado Adventure Session

Winters in Colorado can be brutal but also can be SO pretty. Luckily, Ashtyn and Connor got a day that the weather was perfect and the snow was dreamy! However, the snow was so think that we decided to not hike out to Dream Lake (our original plan) and stayed at Bear Lake for a mini adventure session. Let’s talk about this gorgeous adventure session in Colorado.


Ashtyn, Connor and I met outside of RMNP and drove to the location together. Highly recommend doing this as there is limited cell phone service in the park. They parked in the visitor center parking lot right by the entrance in Estes Park. It was so much fun riding to the location with these two and talking about life. Ashtyn is a photographer/videographer herself! Make sure to check out her work! We got to the location, Bear Lake and walked to the lake. From the parking lot, the walk is MAYBE 1/4 of a mile on a very high traffic trail.


When we hiked out to the lake, there was maybe 2-3 other people there, otherwise it was just us. It was so beautiful and calm. The snow was falling so perfectly, like a movie. Ashtyn and Connor had the perfect session. We had so much fun talking and taking photos. Tip for a winter session in Colorado: wear layers! They both wore a few different layers as well as hats. This helped keep them warm and somewhat dry after the shoot. Ashtyn and Connor ran through the snow, threw snow, and even laid down in the snow to end the session. This was such a fun way to end their session!

Colorado Adventure Session

Even though our original plan was changed, this “mini” adventure session was so perfect and so fun! So, if weather changes your plans, it is okay. Make the most out of it. Your session will still be just as fun and just as beautiful! Tips for this location: if you are doing this location in the winter, pack warm, give yourself enough time to drive out and back (it is about a 30 minute drive with clear roads), and make sure you give yourself enough daylight during the winter. If you are coming during the summer, the trails do not give you a lot of room to get the view. So, I would definitely recommend taking the time to hike out to Dream Lake!

If you are ready to do your adventure session or Elopement at Bear Lake or Dream Lake, let’s do it! Reach out to me and we will totally set something up! PS, be on the lookout this summer for my Dream Lake elopement blog!



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