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March 4, 2021

Couple’s Session : Keshaun + Kesha


Clearly a couple made for each other. No, no. Not just because their names are very similar, but because they are literally perfect for each other. Kesha and Keshaun came to me for a couples session. They wanted to capture the season of time they were in with each other and their relationship. They told me all about themselves, how they met, and their lives now. That is exactly what I am here to do. Help share each of my couples’ stories and get to know them all on a deeper level. So, let’s talk about this Couple’s Session : Keshaun and Kesha.

How They Met

While in college, Kesha and Keshaun met at the bar Keshaun was working at. Keshaun caught Kesha’s eye right away and she was all eye for him that night, but extremely nervous to talk to him. Lucky for her, her friends knew him. Later that night, they were introduced, talked a bit, and exchanged numbers. The next day, they started talking, seeing each other, and eventually started dating. As Kesha puts it, “we were pretty much inseparable since.” That was perfectly clear when I was taking photos of these two.

Dating and Life

Keshaun won Kesha over by asking her to be his girlfriend with a pair of shoes. Throughout the time they were seeing each other, Kesha let Keshaun know all about her obsession with shoes. Like a great boyfriend, Keshaun listened to Kesha and used something she loves to show his love for her. *Cue the tears! Kesha and Keshaun have been together for a few years now. Kesha is a postpartum RN and Keshaun is a police officer. They spend their time together building their connection with each other and God. Even though their schedules are both jammed packed and sometimes the complete opposite, these two make the most of their time together. Even if it is just FaceTime dates!


Right now, Kesha and Keshaun are really working on establishing their careers along with growing in their relationship. Their hopes for the future are to get married, move in together, and start their family. It is their dream and I for one hope it comes true because just look at these two!! 🙂

Couple’s Session : Keshaun + Kesha

You do not have to be engaged or married to have pictures taken together. Every season of life deserves to be captured and documented. So, let’s tell your love story!

Cannot wait to help tell your story through photos and getting to know you both! Let’s plan your session!



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