December 3, 2020

New on the Gram


Instagram is constantly updating and upgrading. There are always new features and, if you are like me, it takes awhile to get used to! So, let’s chat about everything that’s new on the gram. We will drive into reels, guides, filters, and everything in between!


What the heck are reels? Well, when TikTok came out, everyone went over that to create videos. Instagram’s numbers fell and then decided they needed something similar. They came out with reels. Essentially, it is the TikTok of Instagram. You can create videos, caption them, put music to them, and effects/filters. There are many different trends going around such as dancing, life hacks, and more. If you are my age or older, we could compare TikTok and Instagram reels to Vine or America’s Funniest Home Videos. Haha!

Reels are a great addition added to Instagram. It is like a SnapChat you can watch again and again. When you are on your Instagram feed, there is a button on the middle bottom of your screen. It has a little play button. This is where you can watch reels of users you may or may not follow. The reels of people you do follow will show up on your home feed. If you are searching on someone’s profile for reels, go to their profile and click the button with the little play button right above their feed photos. Check mine out here.


This may be my new favorite feature. As a photographer, I am constantly sending my couples guides and ideas! This way, I can serve people, clients or not, with valuable information. I want everyone to have as much information for life, weddings, engagements, etc. as they can! Guides can be found on a person’s profile. They are under the tab that looks like a little brochure above their feed photos. This feature helps people share places, products, and posts with their followers. Check out all of my guides for super helpful information on weddings, engagements, where to shop, and more!


Filters was one of the coolest features added. However, it is not that new. Well, I really don’t just want to talk about filters. I want to talk about how to to make them.

Once filters started coming out and becoming popular, I saw more and more people making them. New ones were coming out like crazy. I had to figure it out. After I did, I was so excited. Then I started creating them. The excitement ended shortly. The process of making the filters is a long one. I was very frustrated from time to time. But, the outcome made me excited again! First, you will need to download Spark AR. Next, YouTube the HECK out of it. Haha. Honestly, I still do not know how to use all the features possible! It is so difficult! Lastly, use the heck out of them! Check out mine here! (Can only view on mobile)

New on the Gram

So, with all of these new features, there is a lot more information I can get out to you guys! I hope you keep up with the posts, check out the guides, laugh at my attempts at reels, and use those filters! Thanks for checking everything that is new on the gram!



  1. Mercy Oyadare says:

    I looove your whole brand and aesthetic! I’m still trying to figure out mine and I’ll definitely look to you for inspiration. 🙂

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