Minnesota Photography Studio

December 2, 2020

Minnesota Photography Studio


This has been a process. Wow. I am not kidding when I say there was blood, sweat, and tears put into this studio. The renovations started in late winter of 2019. There was a lot of work to be done before moving in. The room was used as an old back office space for the boutique that is next door. Little did I know, it would eventually be a place I never wanted to leave. Let me tell you about my Minnesota Photography Studio.

The Start

The room I started with was less than pretty. It had old office ceiling tiles, stained carpet, dark gray/tan paint, and needed a lot of love. I started looking through Pinterest to get ideas of paint colors, decorations, and layout. My dreams were a little too big for my budget. So, that changed things a bit. I picked out the things I really needed and worked from there. The walls were the priority. Shiplap it is. I ordered it from my brother Greg who owns Greg Arp Construction. My family came to my rescue and helped hang the shiplap, paint the studio, and clean up a very large mess. The ceiling tiles were replaced. New carpet was laid. The room was transforming into a prettier canvas.

The Process

The process drug out a little longer than I was hoping. While still attending college, planning a wedding, and opening a studio, this girl was pooped. So, I called in the reinforcements to help out. I truly have an amazing family and support team. We painted and redid the ceiling before the new carpet got laid. I decided to paint the accent wall Magnolia’s “Weekend” Color. I was obsessed with the color but soon came to realize it was too dark in the back corner of the studio. The other walls I painted Magnolia’s “True White” Color. The shiplap we painted a shiplap primer from Menards. Once all of the old ceiling tiles were out, we hired Viking Electric to do the can lights and pendant lights. Overall, the process went as smoothly as it could.


The time came where I was finally able to decorate. The part I was most excited for. Most of my decor came from college pieces, antique stores, and amazon. There are a few pieces, like the desk that I bought from World Market. Because of the carpet, I bought fake wooden floor carpet pieces from Kate Backdrop that I used to take photos on. They worked for the time being, but I knew I needed something else as the studio looked choppy and incomplete.

One Year Later

Time went by and I was realizing that this layout, lighting, and color was not what I was wanting. So, I switched up the layout. Over and over again. Nothing was really pleasing my eye. I soon realized that it wasn’t just the layout that was bugging me, it was the carpet and the accent wall color. The carpet was making the room so much darker than it actually was, and so was the accent wall. After much consideration and time, I decided to redo the flooring in the studio, change some things around, and repaint the accent wall. I decided to do a light beige, completely flipped the layout, and decided to hire Vander Stoep Flooring to redo my floors.

My Minnesota Photography Studio

The time is finally here. The floor is finished. New decor has been placed. The doors have been upgraded (Thanks to my amazing father-in-law at Country Cupboards). The studio is gorgeous. And bonus, I added a partner in the studio to work alongside me as well! Incase you missed it, Hailey is now my videographer! Read all about it on my last blog post and check her out!

Anyways, the studio is better than ever. I upgraded, updated, and upscaled the entire space. I decorated the space to match my new brand colors and style. Check out the things that are new and improved! I could not be more happy with the way everything turned out! If you are obsessed with the new look, like I am, shop most of the links below!

I am in love with my Minnesota photography studio in Luverne and cannot wait to use it even more during the cold winter months ahead! I hope you love the progress as much as I do!!


My Desk : No longer sold but bought at World Market

Hailey’s Desk : World Market

Rugs (not linked individually) : World Market

Hat hanger : World Market

Bedding (not linked individually) : Target

Couch : Amazon

Floor Mirror : Amazon

Desk Chairs : Amazon

Circle Mirror : Amazon

Egg-chair : Walmart

Shelves : Amazon

Bench : Couldn’t find it on website but bought at Target – patio section

Neon Sign : Etsy

Basket with Blankets : Ikea

Floor Lamp : Walmart

All dried floral : Olive&Grace

Photo Prints : Smallwoods (Medium Size)

Any pots/vases were either bought at Hobby Lobby or Target. Most shelving decor was either antiqued, gifted, or Hobby Lobby!

Hope you enjoyed the studio renovation and progress!



  1. Ashton says:

    Your study is STUNNING!!!♥️

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