Minnesota Photography Team

December 1, 2020

Minnesota Photography Team


SYDNEY LEIGH IS GROWING. It is time to meet my team, but first, let me tell you why I have a team. Like any business, photography has MANY moving parts that require lots of time! So, I decided to hire interns, an assistant, and.. wait for it.. A VIDEOGRAPHER. Yes, a videographer joined my team! It is so exciting. So, let’s meet my Minnesota Photography Team.

Meet Emma

Emma is a junior in high school. She is my senior intern. What this means is that she is in charge of my senior instagram, senior guides, and all things seniors. Emma also second shoots for me at some of my weddings. Emma works for me once a week for around 2 hours! She has been a great addition to help me connect with all those seniors out there. Plus, she is helping me feel hip because I already feel way too old!

Meet Claire

Claire just graduated from high school this past spring and is waiting to head into the Minnesota Air National Guard. Claire is my in studio intern. What this means is that she is in charge of studio tasks, culling photos, and running business errands. Claire also works for me once a week for around 2 hours! She has been a much needed addition to help me, especially during busy season!

Meet Abi

Abi is currently attending college at SDSU. Abi is my assistant. She mainly works with much of my online work such as Pinterest, blogs, social media ideas, guides, and more! Abi works for me 1-2 times a week for 3-4 hours. She works in studio and from home, depending on the day. She also second shoots for me at some of my weddings. Abi has been a great addition to give me back some of my time and cut back on screen time. My eyes thank her.

Meet Hailey

OKAY GUYS. Here is the biggest announcement of my team! Hailey is my videographer!! Hailey came to me one day and said, “I really want to be a part of your team somehow. Maybe I should dabble in videography?” I instantly said YASSSS. So, we started brainstorming and getting all the ideas on how this could work. Here is the deal. Hailey started her own business called Hailey Jean Films. She is just announcing the start of her business TODAY, but she has been working alongside me for 3 months now! Hailey does not “work for me.” She is more of her own boss and we are partners! My brides will have somewhat of a “first dibs” for booking her, but she can book her own weddings as well! So, if you are in need of a videographer, definitely check her out!!

Minnesota Photography Team

So, there you have it. My whole team. All of these girls play such a special part in my business. When you hire me, you are also hiring them. We are all making sure you receive the best experience possible. We want to serve you and be there for you every step of your wedding planning process. Let us help you! Reach out today!


Sydney + Team

  1. Maggie says:

    Beautiful team!! 💗 I am so excited to see you and your team killin it!

  2. Abbey Behr says:

    This a awesome! Looks like a pretty great team!

  3. Mady says:

    This is amazing! It’s so exciting to see your company grow and to see so many young entrepreneurs involved. Keep it up you’re going to do big things!

  4. Shelly Nibbelink says:

    Congratulations on launch week!!! How exciting! Your work is amazing (and so is your team)!

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